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How to submit an article

This section is to help others with problems through your first hand experience. Topics could include broad based pieces such as "Modelling - The Equipment Needed" to specific "Making Light Fittings" and everything in between! Just get writting!

  1. Write the inspired article. (The prefered method is to type the article - any text editor such as Microsoft Word. Hand written pieces may take some time to be uploaded as I type slowly!)

  2. SEND BY EMAIL: (currently the only option available) click for the email address; write the title/topic in the subject bar and attach the article as a seperate file.

  3. Wait up to 7 days and then check out your article on this page! Simple.

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Wings & Wheels Show June 2015 report by David Marks.

Southern Model Show 2015 report by David Marks.

Making your own water-slide decals lables by David Marks.

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